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Hello world!

18 Sep

Ok this is going to be fun! My first official post. Yesterday was a big day for me. Actually every Thursday is a big day for me. First of all I leave to go grocery shopping with my friend Amy around 8 am and we get back around noon. You have to understand that this is not just a go to the store and get a couple of things… it is a major ordeal. There are 20 people in our house!  I start gatheing menus on Monday and then put them on a list Wednesday then Amy and I inventory everything we have. We shop for a week at a time. After we unload the millions of groceries I load my car with my personal things and head to Memphis, Tn where my parents live. I spend a couple of hours there with them, then head to my voice lessons. Ok, so I love singing, especially anything from Broadway. My new favorite is Wicked. It is awesome! I am used to singing all out, not anything opra sounding. Guess what, I just finished learning an opra song. It is called Caro Mio Ben. I appreciate opra but i have never wanted to sing it. The song is different for me but I kinda like it. So from there I go back to my parent’s house and if I have dance that night then I pick my sister up and head home, if not I hang out till as long as i wish then start the long daunting hour and a half trip back home. Yesterday I stayed over night, and Austin, my brother Micaiah, and I decided to go play tennis. As soon as we got there it started pouring cats and dongs. I mean it was doing some serious raining. Being as crazy as we are, we decided to try playing in the rain. It was really awesome! We played around with tennis then just danced in the rain till my dad and brother in law came to pick us up. I didn’t really want to get the inside of my car soaked, like we were, so my brother in law, Stephen, drove it back and we rode in my dads car. It is a  pretty crazy day going from one thing to the next but definately worth every bit of it. I have to go so I can practice my Caro Mio Ben song. 🙂