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Christmas Fun!

21 Dec

Christmas time is here and last weekend the adults in our house decided that we needed a little Christmas cheer so we decided to decorate for Christmas! We not only started to get ready for Christmas we decided to do everything in one day. Wow, it was so fun! I don’t think I could celebrate Christmas without children. They make life an adventure. Nothing is going to work out as planned. ūüôā

We got right to work Sunday after the gathering. So David, Dave, me and all the kids went to go look for the bestest Christmas tree ever. We ended up hiking all over our land to find the perfect one. We couldn’t settle¬†for anything but the best! Now mind you it wasn’t the best of days. It had just stopped raining and the ground was soaked and there was water everywhere! After treading through some very nasty territory we finally ended up at the pond and found our “perfect” tree. So right away David started to hake away at it. Now when we all thought that we got it down we realize that it was right by the barb-wire fence and the trunk of three had split into to smaller branches and the barb-wire was going right through it. We had cut it down too low. ¬†So David cut the tree in two and we had to take both parts of course, and make it work, for you e see it was the perfect tree after all and we would make it work. I dragged one half with Luna’s help while David and Dave carried the other half. By the time we got down the hill I was exhausted.

While we were getting the tree Ariel decided to bake up some sugar cookies from the dough that I had made. We got home gave the kids some cookies and egg nog. This picture below is of a little cookie monster eying some cookies before he stole a few.After the kids were done Mrs. Shalom pulled out the ginger bread houses that she had made from scratch and all the kids got to decorate them. ¬†I think this was like the most fun part of all! I actually got to decorate one with Tristan because Ceder was going to but he was ¬†sleeping. Now I have never decorated a ginger bread house and I think I had almost more fun then the kids. I loved it. Ariel was going around taking pictures of the kids decorating their house, she started with Morgon and Blue, then went to Ronan and Luna, then she looked at me and said smile Laina, I was laughing so hard. By that time Tristan was over decorating it, all he wanted to do was eat the candy, so it was just me finishing it. It was like I was another little, big kid having the time of my life. I couldn’t stop laughing. Here are some pictures.

Morgon and Blue making their house into candy land

Luna and Ronan

More kids decorating the ginger bread house! Me with Tristan

This is only one half of the tree

Ronan adding his touch to the tree

Meanwhile David only got one half of the tree in the house and realized that both halves would not fit in our living room. As it was one half took up half of the room. There was barely any room to walk through till David trimmed it.

We finished up the sugar cookies, decorated the tree, and to end the day David, the older boys, and I put up lights on the outside of the house. It was definitely a day to remember. I love living with lots of little ones. Nothing is ever stale, they will keep you young. I don’t want to have another Christmas without tons of them around to keep the Christmas spirit living on. Here are a couple more pictures. Hope you enjoy!

the older boys decorating their sugar cookies

My little girl! i love living with her!

If you look at Tristan's mouth you can tell that he has been eating the cookies instead of decorating them

Cedar liked to eat his too!

Don’t have the recipe right here with me, but I want to post my mom’s sugar cookies. They are Yummy!



11 Dec

Today is December 11, 2009.It is almost a new year! Who knows what that will bring. Looking back at this year I realize where God has constantly been in my life. There were definitely tough times… I lost several of my close friends, ¬†moved twice, two of my best friends got married, and my dad was diganosted with prostrate cancer to name a few, but my Master has been with me all along. I have been blessed with a new car, started singing lessons, and have the best family in the whole wide world. I not only have an amazing family, I have an amazing extended family also, Rose Creek Village.When¬†you are going through these hardships you, or at least I do, feel like the whole world is falling apart. Now that I look back on each one of them, I see how each one has made me pull closer to God and is shaping me to become who I am supposed to be. He gives us hard things so that He can bless us. If He didn’t give us things that were hard for us to go through we would not think of His blessings as blessings. Or just a thought… Is everything he puts us through whether easy or hard his blessings? Do we even have the power to judge what is a blessing and a curse? We cannot see the bigger picture so we rightly cannot say what is good for us and what is not. Here in RCV you are always encouraged to go after God and He will give you the desires of your heart. I really have been learning that a lot this year. If I put my trust in Him for my future He will provide all I need and more. I have so much to be thankful for! Who knows what the new year will bring, not me. I do know that there will be lots of growth. I am very excited! I do not always like growing but I love the result.