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5 Layer Wedding Cake!

14 Apr

Here I am at the computer three weeks after the wedding, writing a post about this 5 layer cake I that took me a month to make a plan, and a month to get ingredients and make/decorate. With all that said it was consumed  in about 5 minutes by 300 people. Everyone really enjoyed it and said it was the best wedding cake they’ve ever tasted.

Here I will not give all the details it will be more like a photo essay. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.

When Neharah first told me that she wanted me to make her cake for her wedding I panicked. I have no experience making wedding cakes so I went to my friend Shebeth and begged her to help me. She had so much faith in me that I could do it. Every time I would go see her to ask her for advice she would always tell me that i was doing fine. I expected her to take over and then tell me what to do. That didn’t happen. She left it all to me and told me I was doing great. So first thing that I did was get on the internet and look for ideas. I knew what the theme and colors were so I found a 5 layer cake that I really liked.Couple dancing

The color was totally wrong and I wanted to have calligraphy on it so I decided those were easy problems that I could fix.  Now I loved the beads between the layers, I had never seen that before. I also loved that it was a square cake. The real problem was I had a small budget. Also I love the look of wedding cakes but every wedding cake that I have ever tasted was nasty and fake. I wanted something real, fattening, and yummy! The bride and groom wanted a red velvet cake for their cake. So I did the top layer a red velvet. the second layer a strawberry (kid friendly), third another red velvet (I wanted other people to have that kind), fourth a chocolate cake (everyone loves chocolate! Except me ) and the last, a carrot (my favorite). I originally wanted to ice the cake with a cream cheese frosting but when I priced everything it was way too expensive. So I went with a buttercream frosting for the three layers that were not red velvet. The red velvet had to be cream cheese, I just couldn’t do buttercream on them. My next thing was that I wanted to find long, dark, red- beaded trim. Which I couldn’t do because the long ones never were the right color red. When I found the right color red the beads only hung down two inches. I took that to Marlene (the decorater for the wedding) and she sewed gold organza onto the beaded trim. I ended up getting clear cake pillars and a beautiful red beaded garland that I stuffed into them. So everything was pretty much in place. Now came the work of making the cakes. I forgot to say that I had to make eight other 9×13 cakes that were decorated similar to the big cake so there would be enough to go around. I made all the cakes the Tuesday before the wedding and froze them. Thursday I ended up going to Memphis and getting a couple of last minute things from Hobby Lobby.

Then on Friday I made the icing and we frosted the 9×13’s. We were going to start icing the real cake when we realized the cake boards were too large for the cake plates. Very confusing, unless you have done this before. The square cake plates were actually smaller than what they said. So the 10 inch was actually like a 9 1/2 inch. It was supposed to be used with a smaller cake to make a ledge. Now I didn’t want an edge. I wanted the cake to come right to the edge. Now this was a big deal because the boards were cut to size. We couldn’t ice the layer cake until the cake boards were the right size.  Beneyah (one of our wonderful village men) was very sweet and went down to cut us new boards Saturday morning at 5:30 am so that we could start first thing in the morning. All day Saturday we were icing, and decorating. It was fun and tiring.  I am not an artist when it comes to drawing designs. So I enlisted the help of Bethlehem (Beneyah’s wife who is a professional at calligraphist) and her student Suzanna to do the calligraphy. I told Neharah that I wanted to have someone calligraphy a saying on the cake. She loved the idea and gave me this quote. “From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.”
–UnknownSome young people serving the cake

Beth traced it in the icing with a tooth pick and Suzie did most of the actual calligraphy. I was throughly pleased. I really liked how it turned out. 🙂 Sunday morning Shebeth and I took the cakes to the Selmer Civic Center. Luckily we arrived there with no major catastrophes and put the cake together, and I had someone make the Hibiscus tea and bring that in. We set that up also.

Making the icing

Done icing all the 9×13’s. Now we have to decorate them.

Shebeth trying to make me eat icing. ugh!

Making progress!!!Shebeth and I trying to figure out where to put the pegs in the cakes.Beth writing the words on the cake with a tooth pick.Suzie writing the words and Beth putting the accents in. I really didn’t get anymore pictures Saturday because we were working till 7 pm and Ashley needed to charge her batteries for the fun night.

Sunday!!!This is heavy!!!Second layer on.Taking the cake and putting it on the cake plates ended up being an ordeal. We would put the cake on and realize that the ribbon had moved from the spot we put it in. So we would take it off and try again.Third layer. Last but not least!

The end. Without anything on it or the tea in the pitchers

This is how one of the side tables looked without the tea in the pitchers and the lights on or anything on the cake.

This is one of the side tables with the hibiscus tea.

Putting the finishing touches to the cake. I got red roses, white carnations, and battery operated tea lights between the layers. It was really pretty. I was proud of it. It started leaning a little as the day went on. That was a little depressing but it was only my first time doing this so I guess it turned out fine for a first timer. Next cake I make it will not lean 🙂My masterpiece!

This is a picture from above when everyone was dancing. 

I love being in charge and being able to say “I don’t like that, let’s do a different design” or “I want to do it this way.”  🙂  I had a great time making this cake. Thanks to Shebeth who taught me how to do this. I would never have been able to do it without her support and her amazing icing skills.  If you have any comments I would love to hear from you!