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Living Life on Purpose

30 Mar

I know this is a food blog but I have thought a lot lately about what it means to live life on purpose and I wanted to share a little with you.

My days almost always looks the same. I have a routine that I do each day and I am comfortable with it. There are a couple of curve balls I get thrown but I mostly catch them and keep going. I get so busy sometimes and don’t ever have time to stop and think about what I am doing. I watched the clip of Rob Bell’s Shells movie and what got me thinking the most is “What have I said Yes to, so that I can say No to other things.” I have a hard time saying no to people. If someone asks me to do something rarely do I say no. So then my schedule is booked. Even if it is good Christian busyness, if that’s not what God wants me to do than why am I still doing it?

Still I do the same things over and over with little variety. Sometimes I expect different results or I want to change and be different

Rarely do I actually do something that is different.

I want to live each day with a purpose. I want to make a difference in this world. I don’t want to be so busy that I can’t take time to think about what I am doing. I want to wake up every day knowing that what I am doing that day is exactly what God wants me to do. Then not fill up what is free time with unnecessary things that only distract me from doing God’s purpose.

That means…I need to know what God wants me to do.

That means… Talking to Him

That means… Listening to Him

That means… Saying Yes

That means… Saying NO

More often than not I know what God wants me to do. The hardest part is to do it. Once I do it though, I have joy beyond any understanding.

When I think of living life on purpose I think of waking every day with a vision for something different that day. Something exciting that we get to do for God and for everyone around us. If I wake up with God’s purpose for my life and I live it that day than I am happy. Which inevitably makes everyone else around me. And… Happiness is contagious!!! Take it day by day. You will fail at it. I do it all the time. Just go to bed asking God to give you the grace to do His will tomorrow. Then wake up and know that His mercies are new everyday and He loves you beyond measure and wants the best for you. Then go and do…


3 layer Vertical Layer Cake

28 Mar

Ok, so I know my title is a little confusing. Just hang in there and hopefully I can show you want I mean.

I was asked to make a wedding cake for a friend about a week before she wanted it. Just in case you didn’t know, that is very late to start thinking about a wedding cake. I wasn’t really sure what to do. As I stood in a massively long line with my sister waiting to purchase 1 item. I stood there waiting… I was thinking about the wedding cake. The theme of the party was a mexican feista so I knew I wanted it to be fun and colorful. Then it came to me…I knew what I would do. I would make a cake that has vertical layers instead of horizontal layers within each layer.

I don’t know why I make things harder on my self seeing as the wedding was in a week and I had never even heard of a vertical layer cake nonetheless made one myself. So I got home and googled vertical layer cake I came to this wonderful site which was a life saver. This all took place Saturday.> Now I still didn’t know how it would work stacking them on top of each other but I have this nack for making things hard on myself instead of easier. I just knew how I wanted it to turn out and then I went from there. My friend wanted red velvet cake and I decided on a vanilla cake for contrast in flavor and color. The frosting was a no brainer. It had to be cream cheese icing.

Tuesday I headed to Jackson to for all the ingredients and accessories I would need. Next, I headed down to our local library where I could check cake pans out. I wanted to do a 3 layer round cake. Seeing that the round cake pans were rented out I had to switch directions and ended up with heart pans. I worked again on Wednesday so Thursday I went grocery shopping for our house and then came home to start baking the cakes. I got half of the cakes baked before I had to go to a meeting.

Friday came too soon and I still had so much to do. So I got all the cakes made and in the freezer, Next  I went to work on the icing. I made 5 batches of it and ended up using only about 3 batches. After the cakes were frozen I took them out and my awesome roommate (who is moving out in less than a month due to some guy steeling her heart. I guess he is more important than me. 🙂 ) came down with some water for me and helped me cut the cakes. It was definitely a chore and I am so glad I had her brain. We stuck the cakes back in the freezer to help them meld together.

I wish I had pictures to show you the process but I pretty much followed I Am Mommy’s directions except a for a few things. It was a huge help having those pictures. If I started to explain it here It might make your brain shut down. I really don’t even know how to explain it unless I had pictures which I don’t have due to it being such a last minute project and not having time.

After waiting a bit I started icing the cakes and my other most wonderful best  friend Amy (her blog  came to help me with the decorating part. She is amazing an artist who is like super busy. So when I can get her help I never worry about how it will turn out. Although it might be a bit late. 🙂  All I have to do is tell Amy what I want it to look like and she helps me turn the plain white cake into a masterpiece. I had a picture I found on the internet of some embroidery on the yolk of a dress that I wanted to make the cake look like. She is so much more artistic than I am and as long as she puts her tip down first I can manage to get mine on there too.

I was really happy how it turned out. Whenever I am with Amy we always have the best time. We have known each other so long that we don’t even remember meeting. I guess we were only 3. I am so grateful that I am surrounded by the best people on the face of the planet.

Anyways, it was a lot of work but also a total blast! The only part I don’t really like is the cleaning everything up.

I did get a few pictures taken while we were decorating  the cake and the finished product.

Here they are…