Week 3 & 4: Meatless chock full of vegetables tomato sauce

15 Jun

Last week I started a tomato sauce and was going to make it into a pizza sauce but then I got so busy that I didn’t finish it. This week I was craving vegetables and decided to go a whole new route with it. That is one thing I love about this sauce is it can be a canvas for so many things. I guess the pizza sauce will just have to wait. Last night I finally made time to do finish it. Sometimes I get so busy that I put aside proper eating for something quick to grab. My experience with good wholesome food is that it always takes time but is well worth the effort. I do believe this sauce was well worth the effort! After tasting it last night I don’t think I will be going back to any other tomato sauce. I am calling it tomato sauce for lack of a better name but it is much more than that!  For having no meat this is one amazing sauce! You could use it for just about anything. I don’t have the pictures available yet but I will post them soon.

Now for the sauce:

TO DO: the night or week before you need it

10 large tomatoes cut tops off and cut in half

1 bulb garlic peeled- yes the whole thing!


olive oil

Heat oven to 400F. On a large sheet pan lay the tomatoes cut side down and scatter the peeled garlic all over. Generously pour some olive oil over and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 1 hour.

Now it is time to mop your floor. 🙂 This is what I do.

After an hour remove from oven. (I didn’t even let it cool because I started it so late that when it was done I was ready for bed.) Pour tomatoes, garlic and juice into the blender or food processor and blend just until chunks are gone.

Pour through a pasta strainer, you will have to swish it around (The point in this step is to get out most of the seeds and skin) into a crock-pot and let simmer on low overnight. I really think you could skip this step if you don’t have a really watery base. It already has a nice roasted flavor this step is merely to cook it down a little.

Now you have a very good tomato sauce base.

Next I took

2 large onions

7 stalks of  kale

7 stalks of rainbow swiss chard

2 small yellow squash

and a large handful basil



In a large cast iron skillet on high and poured a generous amount of olive oil into it and let it heat up. Meanwhile, dice the onions. Once the pan is hot throw the onions in and turn down heat to medium. While that is cooking, finely cut kale and swiss chard, stirring the onions every once in a while. Add the chard and kale and continue to cook. Dice up the squash and add to the mixture. Once the vegetable are soft and bright in color add the finely sliced basil and pour the sauce into the vegetable mixture. Taste.

Taste. I added some sugar to make it a little less acidic and a pinch of cinnamon for fun. Cook till warm and serve over whatever you desire.  You could really put whatever kind of vegetables you want in this. This is just what I had on hand.

I served mine over freshly, finely grated zucchini and red quinoa.

If you are skeptical about this sauce you just need to give it a try. It will win you over. I am a lover of GOOD TASTING FOOD! I don’t want it just to be healthy. It has to meet my taste buds test also. This one surely does! Hope you enjoy!


One Response to “Week 3 & 4: Meatless chock full of vegetables tomato sauce”

  1. Fav sis June 15, 2012 at 1:43 #

    Ok, so my mouth was watering when I read this! Wow! This sounds awesome!! I get so many tomatoes a week from the garden so this will be great! I have to try this next week! Thank you for the amazing idea! Don’t know how you just make this stuff up. You are awesome!

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